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Tiger Woods & Jack Nicklaus

Jack Nicklaus


Tiger Woods could still match Jack Nicklaus' major championship record of 18 by the year 2014, but, he'll need to win all 4 majors in that time. Will he break the record by then?

Having won 4 of his first 7 events in 2013, he seems to have his game back on track. He's closing in on Sam Snead's PGA Tour lifetime win record of 82.



Records as of January, 2012

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Jack's Record

Tiger's Record

Tiger Record Forecast

Tiger is 37 years old as of the beginning of 2013 with records shown to the left. At the same age, Jack had won 14 majors and 61 Tour Events.

2013 Major Championships

US Masters at Augusta National April 11-14

US Open at Merion GC, Ardmore, PA California June 13-16

British Open at Muirfield, East Lothian, SCO July 18-21

PGA Championship at Oak Hill CC, Rochester, NY August 8-11


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